• Motor Type: Brush-type motor (1/8 HP)
  • Strokes Per Minute: 9,000
  • Motor Housing Length: 17", entire unit is approximately 8 1/2' from back of motor to blade end of handpiece 
  • Product Weight: This product weighs approximately 8 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3 years on motor; 1 year on housing
  • Compatible with all detachable A5 style clippers blades, does not include any blade.

The most powerful clipper you can buy for horses large and small (and even boyfriends' at-home hair cuts!) These are what I call the "traditional", as they are the most widely known and used in the miniature horse market at this time. I have used this product since I clipped my very first horse years ago. They have never let me down and have always done a fine job for me, no matter the style, color, or thickness of the horse's coat. 
Pros: Super powerful, clips through some dirt in the coat, portable, easy to use, 10 variable speeds for groomer's preference, heavy-duty design, will clip through any type and thickness of hair, lasts for several years with proper maintenance, maneuvers through and around small spaces on miniatures, uses standard A5-sized blades, and do not heat up in the groomer's hand
Cons: Heavy cord/handset which is sometimes hard to maneuver; blade drive must be changed regularly (every 10-20 horses); handset bearings must be changed out yearly.

  • Andis Show Edge Blade #10, #30, #7
The absolute best show-clipping blades on the market resulting in the smoothest cut on any type of coat! The Show Edge brand blades' teeth are closer together (similar to a #40 or #50 blade) and thus produce virtually zero lines on the horse's coat. When used on a clean, dry horse, one blade can last through up to 20 full body clips on miniature horses. For show clipping, I refuse to use any other blade!

  • Andis #50, #40 AG SS Blade
Much better than the Andis Ultra Edge #40 and #50, these blades are made of stainless steel, and seem to stay sharper longer. Stainless steel equipment is used by veterinarians to keep metals from transferring harmful agents from equipment to animals as well.

  • Andis Ceramic Edge Blade
Worried about your blades getting hot? The Ceramic Edge blade is just what you need. These blades use a ceramic cutter instead of metal, and heat up to 50% less than blades without the ceramic edge. I suggest using any size of the Ceramic Edge blades: #10, #15, #30, #40, and #50. I can fine clip (ears, bridle paths, muzzle and eyes) up to 60 horses with just ONE Ceramic Edge #50.

  • Andis Ultra Edge Blade
The Ultra Edge blade is one of my favorite blades, and is always a staple in my clipping kit. The Ultra Edge blade (particularly the size #15) is the best blade for stripping off that winter wooly hair before show season begins. I use the Ultra Edge #15 on all the horses I clip that are just getting "summer" or "clean up" clips. This is also the best blade to clip foals with, as it leaves just enough hair to keep them from sunburning, leaves a super-smooth result, while clipping very quickly, even through some dirt that may have been missed in the washing process. The size #15 Andis Ultra Edge blade would be comparable to the Oster size #10. I have clipped up to 20 clean horses with just one of these blades.

  • Andis Ultra Edge T-84 Blade
The T-84 blade is a wider cut blade, ideal for working on the body of the horse, or for clipping a full-sized horse. The result leaves just a touch more hair on the horse than a size #10 would leave. I consider this the perfect blade for clipping full-sized horses. 

Check back for additional reviews as I take more Andis products for a test drive over the next few months !!


Recently, I was given the opportunity to team up with the Andis company, and was asked to try various Andis grooming products on the miniature horses I groom each and every day. I must say, I have been surprised, impressed, ecstatic, and even blown away by the success I have had with the Andis products. In true Clipper Girl fashion, I love to share information that may be helpful to miniature and full-sized horse owners alike, so have compiled a product review section for each of the products Andis allowed me to test.

  • Andis Excel 5-Speed (Andis Item #63215)
  • 5-speed detachable-blade clipper 
  • Powerful rotary motor clipper for complete animal grooming
  • 5-speed clipping- use lower speeds for cooler running and clipping around sensitive areas, and higher speeds for prettier coat finish and clipping body coat 
  • 2500RPM lowest speed- 4500RPM highest speed

If you have kept up with me through Facebook, you have certainly heard these are the new "clipper of choice" for the Clipper Girl! I have been quite impressed by the power, durability, and ergonomics of this machine. I recently clipped all 127 horses on my schedule at the 2012 AMHR National Show with these clippers. They definitely made my job go more quickly, the clippers were quieter, and I incurred much less strain (virtually NONE!) on my hand and arm.

Pros: Super-lightweight in design, this clipper runs extremely quietly, maneuvers easily around all areas -- even the tightest spots on smaller minis! It is powered by a lightweight electrical cord which adds little to no weight to the handpiece, and the on/off/speed buttons are ergonomically placed on the handset for easy access. The clipper uses standard A5 blades, much like other clippers in this class, including Oster or Double K models. The handpiece does not heat up in your hand, and there is very little vibration transmitted through the clipper to the hand. Only the blades generate heat, as in any clipper, but perhaps not as much as other clippers I have used that run at the same RPM.

I recommend frequent lubrication of blades during use with a fine grade oil and Andis Cool Care to offset the blade heat. According to Andis, the only recommended maintenance on the unit would be changing the blade lever annually or semi-annually depending on frequency of use. As a bonus, they come in a choice of colors including silver sparkle and Clipper Girl Pink!!!
Cons: Did not perform as well through extremely wooly, thick pony hair or matted hair. - Ft Worth Shaver and Appliance "For all your clipping-related needs!" - Product Research and Specs
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