In 1999 our boarding situation changed - quarter horses went one way, and Cowboy was packed off to a nearby miniature horse farm owned by B.J. and Carrie Peterson: Pepper Ridge Miniature Horses. Within short order, we were spending MUCH more time at the miniature horse farm than with the riding horses, and it became clear which direction our hearts were going! In addition to that, the Petersons became as close as family, with B.J. becoming more of a "grandmother" than a barn manager and Carrie like a sister. And so the die was cast: learning about the miniature horse breed in general, purchasing additional minis (we quickly went from 1 to 5), and learning to drive for the first time with newly purchased Sweetwaters Hot Pants. "Lucy" eventually carried me to the thrill of a young lifetime - a top 5 finish in a huge Youth 13-17 Country Pleasure Driving at my first AMHA World Championship Show!

The first time I got on a plane to do clipping out of state, was in North Carolina. I thought I was BIG stuff. Look at me... what I was doing had meaning and importance to the miniature world. 

More and more jobs were booked, and I soon quit working retail jobs in my home state. The World Show was a staple each September by this time, and the year I went to work with Kris Vegter was the year everything really took off. She introduced me to Mike and Allison Rosauer, who, at the time worked for JSW Farm. "She can clip." Kris told them as we walked into the huge 50 stall barn pre-World show that year. They may have had their reservations to begin with, but today, I am still the exclusive groomer to both farms, along with hundreds of others who followed their lead after they took a chance on a Florida girl that "could clip."  

The highlight of all that I do is that I have made friends beyond comparison to anything I dreamed I could ever have. Friends that will be with me for a lifetime. Horse friends. Fun friends. My number one priority while working is to always have fun. And that is what I do, above all. I truly enjoy working with the miniatures. Each and every day I am thankful for all that I have. I have worked extremely hard to get to the point I am at now. Blood, sweat and tears have all been shed. I would not ever change anything, for the horses have made me the person I am today, the person I want to be. Thank you to all of my clients and friends, and I look forward to making new ones very soon!

Twelve years later I still love what I do. I enjoy seeing the beautiful "works of art" a little hairy miniature can become with skillful clipping and grooming. I love this breed and enjoy the people who are involved with owning, showing and breeding them, whether that be a herd of 100 or more, or just one well-loved family pet.

I hope you enjoy my web site and be sure to "friend" me on FaceBook: Brooke the Clipper Girl. Introduce yourself and say hello......let's get to know each other!
Horses have been a part of my life since day 1. My mother went straight from the show barn to the hospital where I was delivered five hours later. My first outing was to a horse show -- go figure!!! As a toddler I played with my mom's quarter horse foals and graduated to my own mare when I was 14. We purchased our first miniature horse on a whim, an impromptu purchase which we never regretted. "Cowboy" is still with us 12 years later (along with about 50 of his friends!!!).

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